Our job at FindLocalTrips.com is to cut out the middleman and allow travellers to connect directly with the best local tour and activity operators across South America. We want to ensure that local communities benefit from increased travel and commerce in their regions. We do that whilst ensuring that travellers know that they pay the best local prices and that their money goes directly to the local operators and not huge multinational travel agencies with little or no impact on local lives.

Founded by experienced travellers in Latin America. We witnessed and experienced first-hand travellers being ripped off and local tour operators not benefiting as much as they could from the growth in tourism in different regions on every continent. Many travel agencies or online tour companies charge incredibly expensive prices by convincing travellers that local operators are not to be trusted and that they only work with the best and offer fair prices. However, if you compare our prices, which are local and real prices, you will see a huge difference, because we have been able to cut out the middleman in these transactions.

We are focused on putting the power into the hands of the local people. It is our belief that the local people of Latin America should be the main beneficiaries of tourism here, not travel agencies or tour companies who often charge extortionate prices.

A great example could be a Lake Titicaca Local Homestay Tour in Puno Peru. These tours typically range between $30usd and $50usd at local prices, but a quick search online and you will find prices for $120usd and above. These travel agencies charge this price and give the local operator their $30usd, thus earning $90usd just for booking you this tour. The only winner here is the travel agency, not the traveller nor the tour operator.

FindLocalTrips.com wants to help grow local businesses and ensure that travellers do not get ripped off. Our top of the range technology and booking systems connect you with the best operators at the best local price so you can be sure you can have a memorable trip confident that it is directly benefiting the people in the community.