Gramado is a town that arouses all of your senses. The smell of chocolate and fondue is all around and it invites you to a gastronomic experience at cafes, restaurants and artisanal factories along the streets, especially during the winter, from June to September, when the thermometers reach 0ºC. Frosts are frequent, and it can snow occasionally.

The architecture, of Bavarian inspiration and with a lot of timber-framing, fills your eyes with romantic façades. Visitors are charmed by the hydrangea gardens and the beautiful nature the place was graced with. The music, of German, Italian and Gaucho heritage, along with the accents, pull you into the atmosphere of a truly Brazilian Europe. The spas and many hotels in town complement the experience giving you the opportunity to get cozy and relax on top of Serra Gaucha.
Gramado and Canela (7 km away) are part of the Romantic Route. The cold weather and the visits to the parks and museums guarantee a good time for both children and adults. In Gramado, you can visit the Chocolate Museum, which tells the history of the sweet treat and gives access to the artisanal area; Minimundo, a park with miniature buildings; and Snowland, the first indoor snow park in America. See also the churches, such as Relogio church, a town post card.

Some attractions are traditional in Gramado, such as visiting Lago Negro, where you can explore the lake on paddle boats, in which the passengers steer the small boats by pedaling. You can also visit Lago Joaquina Rita Bier, surrounded by araucarias (a type of Brazilian conifer), hotels and summer houses. Agrotourism activities are also very popular for wine and sparkling wine tastings, as well as the contact with communities of German and Italian heritage.
Dining in Gramado is yet another one of its attractive features, offering a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars serving many different types of cuisine. The city's strong European influence can be seen in several traditional local dishes, but delicious Brazilian-inspired favorites can also be found throughout this destination.

Italian and German recipes, brought to the city by its European colonists and founders, are the most popular of the city's diverse options, and can be found in many bars and restaurants. Wines and sparkling wines are also popular here; in this region of Brazil, there are several wine producers that double as specialized restaurants for those who want to savor a delicious meal with the perfect pairing.

Chocolate provides the proverbial "cherry on top" in Gramado; it's an integral part of the city's culture, often found in family homes and in traditional fondues.

Rua Coberta (covered street), also known by its original name Rua Madre Veronica, is a beautiful option for a fascinating time. It houses many cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy an elegant ambiance protected from the sun and rain. This covered street is also the stage for fashion shows and presentations. At Christmas, it's a popular place to view beautiful decorations.
Gramado features the best nightlife in the Serra Gaucha mountain range, with many options playing all kinds of music. This city is ideal for enjoying bars and clubs after a relaxing dinner. Avenida das Hortensias, Borges de Medeiros and Rua Coberta are the city's most popular nighttime hotspots.

Since Gramado is a tranquil city, its nightlife is a bit different than what you'll find in most big cities. The best way to spend an evening is to visit spots where you can sit down to talk, enjoy delicious wines and savor traditional Brazilian foods.
The coldest months are June and July, when the temperature can reach 0ºC, causing intense frosts and, sometimes, snow. The warmest months are January and February, with an average temperature of 22ºC.
The closest airport to Gramado is in Caxias do Sul (69 km away), which receives some national flights. The nearest international airport is in Porto Alegre (125 km), which has incoming flights from Buenos Aires, Miami, Lima, Lisbon, Montevideu and Panama City.Personal or rental vehicles
From other countries in South America or other regions in Brazil, you can drive to Gramado. These maps may help you.

One of the easiest ways to get to Gramado is by transfers from Porto Alegre Airport.
Our pick of the best places to stay in Gramado are all located in the city's stunning surrounding countryside.

St Hubertus Estalgem is charming stay with smartly-decorated suites, cosy communal areas and a superb location right by the Black Lake.
6-room La Hacienda is, as the name suggests, a farm-come-hotel. Their rustic accommodation, featuring smatterings of antiques and exposed wooden beams, is bound to please, whilst there are plenty of activities on offer to keep you busy.

If you're looking for luxury then Saint Andrews is your best bet. Perched on a hilltop with sublime views as far as the eye can see, their classy accommodation and superb restaurant only add to the delight.
The town also hosts great events. The Gramado Film Festival gathers famous people from the Brazilian movie scene every August. The Christmas of Lights offers over 500 attractions from November to January. There are also festivals of Advertising, Tourism, among others.

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