At FindLocalTrips.com we rigorously assess all operators before allowing them to list on our site.


The FindLocalTrips team are located on the ground in South America – this makes us different and unique. Upon receiving an application from a tour operator to work with FindLocalTrips one of our team members personally visits the prospective operator and partakes in every activity they wish to list with us. Only after this check has been done can any operator proceed to the next phase in the application process. These are once in a lifetime trips for many and we treat the assessment stage with the seriousness it warrants. We want to ensure your safety and enjoyment when undertaking any tour with us.


Our community is made up 100% of local operators that know their stuff. They all have multiple years’ operating experience and unparalleled knowledge in their respective fields. This makes your travel more economical and more immersive. We do our research so you can reserve with confidence.


FindLocalTrips only works with locally owned tour operators as we believe the local communities should be the ones to benefit most from the economic activities of travellers to a region. Thus this enables us to contribute directly to local job creation and economic activities.