Here at FindLocalTrips, we take pride in the fact that we are the only website in Latin America that works directly with ALL major operators. Unlike other online travel agencies who give you 1 price (usually overpriced) and work with 1 operator, we work with all local operators to ensure you, the customer, get the best possible value.

As a result of our ability to work directly with a number of local operators, we can ensure you that the prices displayed on our website are the same price you will get at any agency or even the local operators direct offices themselves. Nobody can beat the prices on our site as we have a contract forbidding operators from trying to sell their tours at lower prices than they publish on our website.

The prices you see are fair and ensure that the local operators are not getting ripped off and gain enough income to help their families and communities, whilst at the same time ensure our customers get the best possible tours at the best local prices

However, if you somehow manage to find the same tour operated by the SAME operator at a lower price on another website or travel agency (and includes all taxes and fees), then please alert us and we will investigate it and refund you the difference (if you booked with us) or even give you a reward for just helping to alert us to this issue.

Nobody can beat our prices as we work directly with local operators, unlike other companies who use middlemen who often make a lot of commission and leave the local operators with not a lot for themselves and their local families.

In you have any questions or queries on this policy, please just let us know by emailing us at

Have a great trip!
The FLT team