Piuray Lagoon & Inca Gods Face Sculptures Tour

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Piuray Lagoon & Inca Gods Face Sculptures Tour

  • Visit this new attraction in Cusco on ATV quad bikes

  • See the face sculptures of Inca Gods

  • Enjoy the wildlife of the Piuray Lagoon

Visit this new attraction in Cusco, Apukuna Tianan which means in English “The abode of the gods”, this is a set of monolithic works by the artist Michael Monteagudo Mejía and you will explorer an amazing Piuray lagoon by quad bike


All year round


4 hours


Cusco hotel and hostel pickup


Plateros street




10:30/ 14:30


Pick up - We will pick you up from your hotel and embark on a 20-minute ride to the Quad Bike Station in the Sencca district.

Briefing - Your dedicated tour guide will provide you with important instructions before departure as well as a test drive with your Quad bike for about 10 – 15 min.

Departure - We will initiate the ride on route to our first stop in the Qorqor district to visit the Bode of The Gods, which is called in spanish Morada de Los Dioses. Here we will walk for about 25 minutes to enjoy the site and capture amazing photos.

After the 1st stop, we will continue to ride for another 20 minutes to la Fortaleza Acueducto, walk around and take some time for more pictures.

The third stop is a 40 min ride to Piuray lagoon located in the Chinchero district at 3900 m.a.s.l. This is a beautiful ride as we are able to enjoy the natural Flora and Fauna from the region and pass through 4 local and rural communities for a more authentic experience. Finally, we will initiate the return to the Quad bike station where the transfer will be waiting for us to take us back to Cusco’s main square.

Age requirements
15 – 18 years old with parental or guardian authorization and signature only.
19 year old and over require nothing.

Ticket Price(USD)

- Professional Guide (bilingual)
- Quad bikes (Honda TRX250)
- Fuel (Gas 95)
- Helmet
- Gloves
- Transfer/ Pick up
- First Aid Kit


- Entrance Fee
Foreigners: (S/ 15.00 soles for adults and S/5 soles for kids)
Nationals: (S/ 10.00 soles for adults and S/3 soles for kids)
- Insurance (passenger or vehicle)


- Follow the instructions of your guide.
- Bring sunscreen and a rain jacket/poncho
- Bring snacks


Cancellation or changes of this tour:

CHANGES: Any changes to the tour date need to be done before 6:00 pm the day before the tour begins.

NO SHOWS & CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel the day prior to the tour before 6:00 pm (Lima time) or earlier, a 10% administration fee (+ the card fee) will apply. After this time, there is a 100% no-show or cancellation fee.

You must email bookings@findlocaltrips.com (include the name of the tour and the reservation number) to cancel this tour or to make any changes.

  1. I can’t find my accommodation listed in the operator’s pick up locations as I’m making my booking. What should I select?

    This operator only offers pick-ups from the hotel and hostel accommodation listed. This list covers over 90% of the accommodation providers in the area. They do not provide pick-ups or drop-offs at private residences, Airbnb, bus terminals etc. If you cannot find your hotel on the list, please select an alternative pick up location close by, and be ready for pick-up at the time shown on your booking confirmation.

  2. Will I have problems with altitude sickness on this tour?

    Altitude sickness can catch many travelers a little bit off guard. Not everyone gets sick in high altitudes, and it is difficult to predict who is likely to be badly affected by it. For most people, it is nothing more than a headache and a dizzy sensation that diminishes over a short period of time, 1 to 2 days for most people. If you want to limit your chances of getting sick, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, do not fly directly into high altitude - proceed slowly, allowing your body time to acclimatize as you ascend gradually. However, for many that is not possible, so it’s important to drink lots of water, and to slow down! This sounds simple, but both of these things are very important. Your body is struggling because you don’t have enough oxygen, so avoiding any strenuous activity is a good idea. Chew some coca leaves - the native people of South America have been chewing coca for centuries, thanks to its ability to alleviate mild altitude sickness symptoms. Coca leaves can be bought in any supermarket, and even souvenir shops or street stalls. Take altitude sickness pills (Soroche): these are sold over the counter all over Peru and Bolivia and are just a few dollars. If you are flying straight into altitude over 2500 meters without spending any time at an intermediate elevation, and you’re worried about getting sick, you can ask your doctor for more specific and stronger altitude sickness medication in advance. In the rare case that your symptoms are more severe than a headache and mild dizziness, you should descend in altitude and seek medical assistance.

  3. How long does the tour last?

    The duration of the tour is of approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes.

  4. Is this activity risky?

    The activity is considered an extreme sport and therefore carries some risk in line with all sports in this category. It is important to follow all instructions provided by your professional guide to avoid potential incidents.

  5. What time does the activity start?

    The following are the scheduled times: 10: 30 am – 2:30 pm & 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm


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