Kitesurfing Paracas 3 Hours

Kitesurfing Paracas
kitesurf peru kiteclub
Kitesurfing Paracas Peru
Paracas kitesurf
Paracas kitesurf Kiteclub paracas
Kitesurfing Paracas
kitesurf peru kiteclub
Kitesurfing Paracas Peru
Paracas kitesurf
Paracas kitesurf Kiteclub paracas

Kitesurfing Paracas 3 Hours

  • We have a cable park to help you train and get the feeling of the real experience

  • We know all the best spots along the coast to find some wind so you can enjoy the surf!

  • Experienced instructors prioritizing your safety at all times

Experience an adrenaline rush kitesurfing in the beautiful Paracas. Whether you’re a complete beginner, a water sports lover, or just looking for something exciting to do in Paracas, this activity is perfect for you!


All year round


3 hours


Kite Club Paracas (Urb. Santo Domingo, Lote 01 B, Paracas, in front of hotel Hilton)


Kite Club Paracas (Urb. Santo Domingo, Lote 01 B, Paracas, in front of hotel Hilton)



Start time




Have your first experience with wind, kite fly on the ground, move in the water without your board (body drag), and meet the safety systems of the kite. It is important that at this stage you learn self-rescue mechanisms to be a fully competent rider. Re-launch the kite from the water and start your first attempts to stand (waterstart).

Recommended start time: 11am, the best and safest time for your kitesurfing, as we want it to be unforgettable!

Ticket Price(USD)
TOUR PRICE (All ages) - WEEKDAYS 100.00 (USD)
TOUR PRICE (All ages) - WEEKENDS 110.00 (USD)


Control the kite hook into the harness


Understand and use the de-power system


Advanced flying skills with de-power kite




Recover the bar and kite


Start water with body drag


- Harness
- Board
- Wetsuit
- Cable park
- Vest
- Helmet
- Trainer kite
- Kite
- Jet ski supervision


- Food & drinks


- Sun cream (very important)
- Swimsuit
- Towel
- Sunglasses
- Water


Cancellation or changes of this tour:

CHANGES: It is FREE to change the tour date before 6:00 pm (Lima time) the day before the tour begins.

NO SHOWS & CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel before 6:00 pm (Lima time) the day before the tour begins, a 10% administration fee (+ the card fee). After this time there is a 100% no show or cancellation fee.

You must email (include the name of the tour and the reservation number) to cancel this tour or to make any changes.

  1. Where is the meeting point for kitesurfing lessons?

    Our establishment is located in the bay of Santo Domingo. The address is: Lot 1B Urb. Santo Domingo. It is almost in front of the Hilton Hotel. You can also find us on google maps as "Kite Club Paracas".

  2. Can everyone learn to kitesurf?

    Yes. In our kite school located in Paracas, we offer lessons to children from 8 years old. But it always depends on each child. To ensure maximum safety for children during classes, we recommend private lessons, only the child with the instructor. In group classes (2-4 students), the instructor has to be split between the two couples, and cannot be with one child all the time. Another option is a semi-private class (2 students), and a parent can do the course too. In this way, the child learns all about kitesurfing, he/she will learn about safety, weather, how to relaunch the kite, landing in the sand, and all the main information needed to start in kiteboarding.

  3. Do I need previous experience with the kite to start the course?

    No. In fact, most of our students are complete beginners. All you need is to not be afraid of water. During the kitesurfing you’ll use lifejackets, so you don’t need to be a very good swimmer.

  4. What do I need to bring to the kite class? I have no equipment or wet-suit.

    Just bring something to drink, a bathing suit, a towel, sunglasses and sunscreen (high protection, use 50+ in summer). Other items, such as: team kite, wetsuit, helmet, life jacket, etc. will be provided by our kite school.

  5. Do I have to book my lesson in advance?

    It is advisable to book your lessons. Summer is peak season in Paracas and lessons should be reserved a week in advance, as we need to organize instructors. You can book the course by email or phone. Our employees at the school speak perfect Spanish and English.

  6. Is kitesurfing safe?

    Yes, it is safe whenever you learn with instructors who have experience in any kitesurf school. During the lessons, besides learning how to control the kite and slide with the table, you also learn basic knowledge of the wind, the place where you practice the sport, the currents, and the tides.

  7. Can I learn kiteboarding in winter?

    Yes, our kite school is open all year. In winter, the weather is a little cooler so you will need warm clothes - even in Paracas where the sun always appears during the day.

  8. What is easier, kiteboarding or windsurfing?

    Definitely kiteboarding. Once you learn to control the kite and get up on the table, the progress is very fast. To learn how to turn, you need just one day. People who practice wakeboarding or snowboarding learn to kitesurf on the second day of class, and in both directions.

  9. How much time is required to learn kiteboarding?

    This depends on each person and the knowledge or skill you have with other sports, like wakeboarding or snowboarding. Most people need between six to eight hours approx. and given in 2 to 3 days, depending on weather conditions.

  10. What if one day there is no wind?

    Nothing happens. The course lasts 6 hours (theoretical / practical) spread over two days, and if on the day of the session the conditions are not favourable, then the hours will not be consumed. Instead, we’ll do it another day until the end of the 6-hour course.

  11. Why book with

    Apart from our low-price guarantee, with us you are 100% assured that your booking is made. We provide an instant email confirmation, and have live spaces and availability for each tour. If you have any queries, you are in the hands of our team of 20 local experts here on the ground, who speak perfect Spanish and English. We guarantee quick responses to any questions or queries. Tour operators are experts at operating their tours... We are the experts at reservations, organisation and assistance with your plans for these tours.


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