Nazca Lines Flight Tour

Nazca lines flight tour
View of nazca
Nazca lines flight tour
Nazca Geoglyphs
Nazca Geoglyphs Spider
Nazca lines flight tour
View of nazca
Nazca lines flight tour
Nazca Geoglyphs
Nazca Geoglyphs Spider

Nazca Lines Flight Tour

  • Enjoy a 30 minute flight over the stunning Nazca Lines with experienced staff

  • Company works with modern aircrafts for different group sizes

  • Get your flight certificate once you've finished your flight

See the mysterious Nazca Lines in Southern Peru in 1 hour. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994, it has baffled historians and archaeologists for many years. A flight of the Nazca Lines is the only way to fully appreciate this unique landmark that is spread over 80 km of desert.


All year round


30 Minutes


Nazca Bus terminal or Nazca hotel/hostel pickups


Nazca Bus terminal or Nazca hotel/hostel Drop-off



Start time

08:50/ 10:00/ 11:00


Minimum age: 1-year-old

Fully appreciate the Nazca Lines on a 30 minute flight over the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This flight will take you over the high plateau of the desert where the figures were designed by the Nazca civilization. The lines date back to between 500 BC and 500 AD and you will be able to recognise figures such as spiders, monkeys, fish, and hummingbirds scratched on the arid surface of the desert.

There are many theories behind the Nazca Lines and their construction. However one popular theory is that they believed to have had astronomical ritual functions. Admire the Nazca Lines from the sky while trying to figure out the mystery yourself.

All Cessna aircrafts are fully certified and are designed for this type of flight activity. All our pilots are fully qualified and our planes maintained to the highest international standards.

Nazca Flight Departures: 8:50am, 10am, 11am and 12:30pm

- Exact flight start time may vary depending on local weather conditions. The average wait time is 35 -45 minutes.

- Passengers who exceeds the weight limit of 95 kg, will have to pay for an additional seat

IMPORTANT:During Independence Day celebration 27, 28, 29 and 30 of July you may encounter some delays (about 3 hours) due to the large number of passengers doing the Nazca Flight Tour. If you are taking a bus, we recommend taking a return bus around 18:00pm so you do not miss your bus due to delays.

Ticket Price(USD)
TOUR PRICE (All ages) 84.00 (USD)

- Pick up from Nazca (hotel/hostel) to the airport
- Overflight 30 minutes.
- Flight Certifique


- Airport taxes 30 soles (approx USD $10)
- Water/ Snacks


- Bring your ORIGINAL PASSPORT/ID with you!
- Just a small bag


Cancellation or changes of this tour:

CHANGES: It is FREE to change tour date before 6:00 pm (Lima time) 2 days before the tour begins.

NO SHOWS & CANCELLATIONS: If you cancel before 6:00 pm (Lima time) 2 days before the tour begins or earlier a 10% administration fee will apply (+ the card fee). After this time there is a 100% no-show or cancellation fee.

You must email (include the name of the tour and the reservation number) to cancel this tour or to make any changes.

NOTE: Should in the very unlikely event your flight be cancelled on the day due to inclement weather conditions. Your flight will be re-arranged for a later time or the next day.

  1. I cannot find my accommodation listed in the operator pick up locations as I make my booking. What can I select?

    This operator only offers pick-ups from the hotel and hostel accommodation listed, this covers over 90% of the accommodation providers in the area. They do not provide pick-ups or drop-offs at private residences, Airbnbs, etc. Select an alternative close by and be ready there for pick-up at the time on your booking confirmation.

  2. How many geoglyphs will I see and when is it the best time to do the flight?

    During your flight, you should see 12 figures (The Whale, Trapeze, Astronaut, Monkey, Dog, Condor, Spider, Hummingbird, Alcatraz, Papagayo, Tree, Hands). Flight conditions are best during the morning when winds are favourable. The time of the flight can be arranged when you book the tour.

  3. Do we offer pick ups from bus terminal?

    Yes, for passengers who arrive at the bus terminal and have booked a flight for that day, you can select your bus company as a pick up location (i.e CRUZ DEL SUR, NAZCA). If you arrive early and have time to spare before your flight, feel free to grab some snacks and a drink but be back to the bus terminal on time for your designated pick up time stated on the booking confirmation from the operator.

  4. What should I bring to the tour?

    You MUST bring your original passport or you will not be able to board the plane. A camera and sunglasses are also recommended.

  5. I suffer from motion sickness. Would you still recommend the flight?

    The flight is not recommended for those susceptible to flight sickness. The planes are typically a small 6 seater passenger plane and the flight duration is around 30 minutes. There are a lot of turns to allow passengers on both sides of the plane see all of the lines.

  6. How long will I have to wait before start my Nazca Flight Tour?

    Exact flight start time will vary depending on local weather conditions and air traffic. This is impossible to predict. However, the flight slot is typically from 30 minutes to 1 hour after your pick-up time. The average wait time is 35 -45 minutes.

  7. Will I be guaranteed a window seat in the aircraft?

    All passengers has a window seat as there is just 2 lanes of seats in the aircraft. The capacity of the aircraft is 4,5 and 6 passengers

  8. Why book with

    Apart from our low price guarantee, with us you are 100% assured that your booking is made. We provide an instantaneous email confirmation and have live spaces and availability for each tour. If you have any queries you are in the hands of our team of 20 local experts who speak perfect Spanish and English and are here on the ground. We guarantee quick responses to any questions or queries. Tour operators are experts at operating their tours...we are the experts at reservations, organisation and assistance with your plans for these tours.


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Do not forget to bring your original passport!

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